Sunday, December 27, 2009

It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times

If you remember, this is the first line in "Tales of Two Cities". I am so happy to put 2009 behind me. I can honestly say, it was the worst year of my life. At the same time, I have never had so much healing, both emotionally and spiritually. So this is my year of the worst that turned out to be the best. I think I finally understand what Charles Dickens was saying in his profound interpretation of life.

Hopefully everyone can take the lessons out of this year's upheavals. So many of us suffered losses, but I also see many people changing their attitude and turning more to their spiritual side for comfort and consolation instead of laying blame. And believe it or not, those are the ones who are pulling out of the wreckage this "economy" has caused. Now we just have to get everyone to believe in their ability to change what is happening in the future.

We, the people: that is who makes up this great country. If there is something wrong with it, it means we got it there. It didn't just magically happen. And we have to use all the positive energy we can to turn 2010 into a period of growth and healing for everyone.

With our new County Executive coming into office this month, I am personally guaranteeing my participation in helping this Island become healthier. I learned this year (the hard way) that the saying is correct: If you have your health, you do have everything. It was always my mission to get as many small business and schools as I could to install wellness and fitness programs. Now more than ever (and with the help of our new legislators) I am determined to push my way into the doors of as many offices as I can. Since this is a new decade, we should create a new paradigm, a standard that all can follow. One that ensures the future health of our children and ourselves. More on this issue in the months to come, but for now: I pray for all of us to find our way in 2010. Happy and Healthy New Year to Everyone! D.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Yesterday, a friend hurt me very much. My heart ached all day at the thought of his actions. Deep down, I don't believe he set out to hurt me. He was looking out for his own happiness and in the process, my feelings were tossed aside. I started asking myself, "Do I have the right to ask a friend to protect my feelings? Should I always consider that people are "human" and expect that they will fail me at some point, making it necessary to always protect myself?" Maybe hurting me was not his failure. Instead, could it be mine?

At my age, I should have been through this enough to understand the process, but it still hurts to lose someone you love and care for. Do we shut ourselves off, meaning; We keep our love and energy close to our hearts and not given so freely? Can we shut ourselves off and still have intimate relationships? How many times did I hurt a close friend and not even know it? In the game of life, who wins? The person with the most friends on facebook, or the person who maintains a single friendship the longest?

Since we are all human and will continue to be so, we can expect to move along in life and affect others, sometimes in a detrimental way. Almost every day, I ask myself to "do no harm" which is, essentially, the Hippocratic oath. Of course I am not a doctor, but since I coach, I am always afraid of the position I maintain in my clients' lives. I think it may be a great motto though for everyone, most especially for friends and family. If we think this way, how can we hurt anyone?

With the holiday season approaching, I would love to reach out to everyone I know and ask for forgiveness for anything I might have said or done to inflict even the smallest amount of discomfort. I have dedicated my life to helping others, but sometimes I am so focused on the goal, I may not see everything in between. Since this is the perfect time to remember Jesus' life and what he represented, (even if you don't believe he was the Son of God) I want to make a resolution to make every day I live and interact with people to count as a positive and for my energy to instigate goodness. More so, I want to forgive anyone else who knowingly, or unknowingly, hurt me.

We are all in this together, and no matter what, this year is going to be grueling if we don't come together for a common goal. Let's make it the year of friendship and help each other get through these tough times. After all, we don't have much else to rely on except love and friendship. The World is going to keep turning. It is up to us what energy we fill it up with. D.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It Only Takes One Voice

Just recently a blogger blasted me for supporting and helping Ed Mangano get elected as County Executive. It made me realize just how crazy society is getting. As an advocate of health and wellness, I make it my job to get involved politically, because if I don't, I can't help create change. But even if I was a lay person with no aspirations of "changing the World", I would still want to be involved.

Does everyone realize that their vote counts? Did you know that you can call your local legislator any time and get answers or give opinions and make your voice heard? Can you accept that you are who the politicians are working for? Did you know that many politicians will readily admit that they don't always know how to make things better and are looking to the public for help in finding solutions?

Many years ago, my father died of lung cancer. I promised him on his death bed that I wouldn't stop talking about the dangers of cigarettes. I went out on a mission and alienated many people with my fight against second hand smoke. I can't tell you how angry people got with me for "sticking my nose where it doesn't belong." Fortunately, I was unwilling to quit and campaigned for many years in New York and then New Jersey, sending in letters and emails to whatever politician I could find., showing up at political events, and speaking at small business meetings. To my surprise, people listened, and albeit a small effort, I believe I helped change the smoking laws in NY and NJ.

I learned a valuable lesson from that experience and have not stopped voicing my opinions about wellness since. What would have happened if I and the other smoke-free advocates stopped fighting for you? What if we believed we could never make a difference just being one voice? What if none of us decided to stand up for our rights and yours? Basically, you would still be sitting in smoke filled movie theatres, planes, bars, and restaurants, getting sicker by the day from second hand smoke.

It only takes one person to start a revolution, but it takes many more to join in and create the change. I have no issue being scolded, laughed at, or even belittled for my work. For every one person who scoffs at me, there are many others who are happy for the effort. What I do need though, is for everyone who is on board with conquering the issues we are challenged by today to come forward and do something, however small they believe it is, so we can cummulatively create change. Write one letter, email, or make one phone call and give your thoughts and ideas to your local legislator. I promise and I know from experience that your ideas will be welcomed and most especially, will be heard. D.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sorry I have been away so long....

It has been a while, I know, but rest assured, I have not disappeared. I just finished "The Ten Commandments of Divorce" which is ready to be edited for publication. It is not the first book I wrote, but it is the first book that will make it out of my computer and into the hands of readers.

There was a miracle that happened to me this year. It came in the form of a disease. It gave me the opportunity to just "be" long enough to actually get my writings in order and into a concise book format. Before the sickness, I had every excuse not to write. In fact, I retired from a regular job to do this (writing) full time. Instead of knocking out a few manuscripts though, I dragged my butt for almost four years. Yes, I knocked out five websites and I did a whole bunch of other things, but never accomplished what I really set out to do.

It wasn't until I was stricken down and bedridden, did I decide to make a commitment to myself to have a book ready for publication by my birthday, which is at the end of November. I am happy to say that I kept that promise!

Laying still this spring/summer, more sick than I had ever been in my entire life, came incredible clarity. It was as if messages were being whispered in my ear, and in the shape I was in, I had nothing else to do but listen. I am not sure what precluded me from writing prior to my illness, but now I am so prolific, I am finding it difficult to turn my head off every night so I can sleep. The dam has broken and the words are like a flood I am trying hard to contain. Thank goodness I type 100 words per minute!

The first offering is for divorcing couples and may not suit your needs, but the second book, that has already begun to take shape, is for everyone. It is my goal to have it completed by the spring, and I am using all of you as a motive to do it. So here it is in "writing", my pledge: To all my readers who have followed me through the years, you have waited so long and I hope I don't disappoint you. To all new readers, my wish is that I can enlighten you, even if it is only 10 watts worth! And to all those who are looking to take the next step, I can't wait to offer you a new, healthy direction to take it in. Love and Peace, D.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A book that can create a life change

Here is a really good read for anyone who has been on a healing journey. It is by Dee Wallace (the woman who played the mom on E.T.) and is called “Conscious Creation”. It is a little over a hundred pages and is a quick but thorough intro into manifesting what you want in your life.

Even though we were born to instinctively know and understand the rules of the Universe, we seldom learn how to take full advantage of it. Sometimes we are so stuck in our human-ness we forget just how powerful our spiritual energy is. Through my recent illness, I have been up and down trying to hold onto that power. Being physically repressed (anemic, vitamin and mineral deficient) I found it so difficult and sometimes even impossible to hold onto a positive thought process. No matter how grateful I am for everything I have, my body keeps pulling me “down” and repressing the spiritual aspect, instigating the ultimate test of my faith in my ability to heal myself.

My manipulation process was really tested these last few months and I am grateful for it, because it is humbling me and hopefully making me a better teacher of the process. Having to constantly take myself out of fear or anxiety has made me more determined than ever to keep my goals and intentions in clear view. When we are healthy, we take a lot for granted. When we need to deal with heavy issues, it can break us or it can make us stronger. It is our choice how we handle it and our perception of what good it is bringing into us. No matter what our bodies encounter though, our spirit is always stronger, and that is what we need to hold onto.

If you have the time, please try and read Dee’s book. I especially liked her stories about the “100 monkeys” and how we can affect change through our energy. I always knew this and even wrote about it, but she has listed scientific evidence on the subject and explains it beautifully. Right now with everything that is happening in the World, we need to be educated and reminded about how we can create change within ourselves and the issues surrounding us. We (and our positive energy) can all make a difference…every one of us.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We can create change. So why aren't we?

This morning on Fox Cable News I saw the head of Safeway Stores talk about how they implemented programs throughout their stores a few years back that have saved them over 40% on healthcare costs. I was excited to see this segment and at the same time, I was disheartened.

Many years ago I brought this concept to businesses throughout NY and NJ and got the brush off. Other people I have met over the years have been trying as well. It is like pulling teeth to get people to see just how easy it is to change the course of our Country’s journey to sickness. Unfortunately, no one wanted to listen.

With all forms of illness on the rise, most especially those related to obesity and smoking, why can’t we see just how much we need to take control before the government does? Maybe you don’t want to see your money wasted frivolously, but what about wasting your own resources? Yes, I mean your body! It is your only real asset and the only one you will be taking to the grave, because guaranteed, your family won’t be burying you with your money or your stuff. Instead, I want America to consider their one true positive feature, which is the body they have been wrapped in. How are you treating it and what are you doing to help it through the next 20, 30, 50 years?

So now things have gotten so bad that we need the government to step in and take over. This is something that rips me apart. I have been trying to get the government to create strict smoking laws for the last 17 years, and we all know how that has turned out. There are still States that allow smoking in public. Yet this same government is trying to get healthcare reform passed in 6 months. How can they do one without the other? Where is the sense in all of this?

What I know about politics I can fit in a thimble. What I know about wellness and our ability to take control of our bodies is limitless and I make it my job to discover new ways every day. So why aren’t the incredibly intelligent people in our government doing more to take away what is hurting us? Why isn’t there more money for the schools to change their food offerings? Why don’t we have no-smoking laws everywhere? Why can’t the government control more of the food industry and their corrupt practices of advertising and manipulating? Why wouldn’t they start there instead of trying to control paying for the sick? Why don’t we stop making people (most especially kids) sick in the first place?

I will never stop talking about this subject, and I hope the rhetoric does not alienate anyone. Instead, I hope it instigates change and allows people to take responsibility for their actions and their bodies. When we take responsibility, we can then take control. Safeway took control and changed their bottom line and the health of their employees. We can all do this, and it will effect major change forever. We have the power to do it, and we have the right motive (saving our resources). Now we just need to create the right goal; a healthy America. It is not about a Bandaid, people! It is about never getting a cut in the first place. D.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just touching base with the World

Wow is the only word I can use to describe these past months. So far, I have missed the month of May and half of April, and June will be half way through before I know the outcome of tests I need to take (to determine what the next steps will be for this disease, which truthfully is still undiagnosed). Even though I have not been a part of the World, I still feel connected through TV, although I am not sure how good that is. What a box of negativity!

Okay, so I play solitaire and do crosswords to try and keep my mind sharp (it's very difficult to write when you are very anemic...hindered blood flow to the brain I guess), but tv has been a companion of sorts. Keeping up with the news though is as painful as this condition, but instead of my colon being affected, it is my heart.

So much damage out there, so much hatred, anger, and oppression, no wonder we are so unhealthy. I have much to write about when my blood comes back full strength, but in the meantime, am I allowed to offer some unsolicited advice to all who are out there and going about your lives? PLEASE DON'T TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED RIGHT NOW!

If there is anything I can say without a doubt is we need to be thankful and grateful for everything we have and who we are connected with. With all the negativity out there, can you make up with your aunt, sister, friend, or co-worker, (you know, the one you have been arguing with) and remember the boys and girls oversees fighting for our incredibly real and terrifying issues? Can you come home tonight and just kiss your spouse and kids and say thank you for being in my life? Can you tell your boss or your employees, 'let's stick together and get through the tough times.' And finally, can you be thankful for everything that is happening to you even if it hurts because it is probably what you need?

I teach unconditional love. Sounds really corny right? Too bad. We need to hear it. We need to use it, practice it, and learn more about why we aren't manipulating ourselves more to give it. The World is hard to control, but we can't even control our own mouths, hearts, and actions when it comes to giving positive energy to others. Watch one reality tv show and you know we are in bad shape individually, let alone collectively. If we all just start being grateful and clean up a few loose ends in the 'giving love' department, we can change massive negative energy all around us. And guess what? Doing so makes you a happy person, minute to minute, day to day, no matter what is going on in the World.

Gratitude is hard when you are so down, but I have to say, I am actually thankful for my illness. Although it has stricken my body down so severely, I am now feeling an uplift in spirituality I have never felt before. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for what power I am getting. I can't wait till my body can keep up with it and I can bring it out in writings and teachings. In the meantime, since I can't get out there yet, I need help. Go out and give a little gratitude today. If you feel up to it, throw out some goodness. And if you are really motivated, change a negative in your life using love energy. And if you do, write me about it. I am desperate to hear I still have the ability to inspire someone, even if I am stuck in bed. D.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Humbling Experience

It's hard to believe a month has passed since I have been able to write. Unfortunately, I have been ill for many weeks and trying to recuperate. Even though I have an incredibly healthy body, it seems a part of my anatomy (my colon) just doesn't want to be a part of the happy family.

On steriods and just getting back from the hospital, I am here to say that I have never felt more ready to let go of life. I have always had so much sympathy for ailing people and I make it my life's work to advocate for them, but this illness has taken me to the next level of appreciation for the strength it takes to want to keep going.

I keep asking for my lessons, willing to see and hear what I need to change in order to get better and get back to life. I beleive I was supposed to go through this just to remember how precious our health is and how incredibly vulnerable we are to the body we are housed in.

While I recuperate, I hope to have the ability to write more about what I am learning. In the meantime, please have patience with me as I try and build up my energy and gather what I need to get to the next level on my journey. I can't stress enough how much I will and desire for all of you to appreciate all that you have. Don't compromise the body that you are in and take care of yourself. It will be worth it. D.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bloom Where You Are Standing

That was the title of a book I read years ago. It reminds me that this is a very important time of year. Everything is being renewed and we should take advantage of the energy surrounding us by making changes and becoming our best selves. Do a little thatching and weeding (get rid of negativity you have been holding onto), do some fertilizing (fill your body with goodness and your mind with potent info), plant some seeds (make new goals) and then move forward with the belief that you will be blossoming in no time with the most incredible fruits and flowers you have ever seen.

Every day is a time for renewal, but during this season we have the benefit of everything around us rejuvenating so it is easier to get into the spirit of change and growth. This year, try planting yourself and see what happens!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Passover and Easter

Did everyone know that the last supper was a seder? Or at least that is what some say. I think it is nice to share a celebration even it it has different meanings to different religions. The most important aspect to me is coming together, because we seldom do.

Years ago, it was so festive. My mother spent so much time shopping with us for Easter dresses in pastel colors with little white patent leather shoes and lace top anklet socks. Does anyone remember easter bonnets? I HATED wearing those hats! But back in the day, you were not allowed in church without something on your head. Today, I would LOVE to wear a bonnet! How cool to have a reason to wear a hat.

Times have changed, but the reason for the celebration is the same. I hope everyone finds the time to bring a little spirituality into your holiday. Remember what you are thankful for; Eat healthy and try not to use the excuse "it's tradition". New traditions can (and should) be started every year, don't you think?

Happy holidays to everyone!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Resistance: When Letting Go Still Isn't Enough

Part of me feels I don't have the right to talk/write about this subject because I get into a state of resistance often and have trouble getting out. Maybe, though, this gives me an advantage, because the more often you have to do something, the more practice you get. Ah, who is kidding who. I haven't conquered resistance so all the more reason we should talk about it!

"Let Go and Let God." Great advice, but sometimes you can want to release, but part of you resists. Did you know that you can want and desire nothing more than to let go, but there are attributes you posses as a human that would totally preclude you from doing this? Yes, there are actually safe guards put in place that may keep you from seeing what is really inside of yourself that is resisting healing. Things that have happened to you from a very young age that are so terrifying or hurtful that your body and psyche won't allow you to "see" or feel out of fear you can't handle them. So if that is the case, how can you let go of them if you don't even know what they are?

We all have "drivers"; things that exist within us that push or pull us out of our soulful place of peace and tranquility and throw us into a tailspin of anxiety, anger, or fear. These drivers come from external and internal factions and sometimes we are not in control of how they make us feel. Part of the manipulation process is in recognizing what could be driving us at any given time. Another part of the process is to use the info to manipulate out of a mood, thought, action before it hurts us or others. But wouldn't it be great if we could get rid of the negative drivers in the first place? That (healing) is the best part of positive manipulation!

This is an open blog ladies and gents, and I would love your help in figuring out how to resist releasing. As much as I know about this process, I would love input from your own experiences in letting go and your resistance to it. Let's remember, there are physical, emotional, mental, and spirutual aspects to release so try and cover all the bases. If you have rid yourself of negativity that was extreme and would like to share it, we are all ears!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Making Amends

This weekend I have heard of three instances of atonement, whereby a person who has done someone wrong came forward to apologize and try to make amends for their egregious act. I happen to be the recipient of two of those apologizes, one directly and one indirectly. It made me think it was too coincidental. There must be a lesson coming.

So I started thinking about what the lesson could be and of how the apologies made me feel. Truthfully, there was no impact. I think my first thought was, "Oh, how nice. They finally realized they could come to me and forgive themselves." Truth is, I had forgiven both parties long ago so there was no ease of my pain or significant change in my life. I was happy, however, that they could finally find some peace for themselves.

When we forgive someone of any act, we don't impact them as much as we help ourselves. It is really like saying, "I am okay with what that person has done to me. I am able to see their possible reasons for doing/saying what they did and I don't want to feel any more negativity on this issue or from this person. I forgive them. I can move on."

If you think about it, you completely sever the energy between yourself and the other person when you do that. It makes you wonder, does that break in energy cause the other person discomfort? I believe the answer is a profound, YES! And when you break that energy between yourself and another person, they have nothing to grab onto. There is no potential to hurt you again. So forgiving them is not a completely selfless act. Instead, it is a symbiotic gesture, meaning, mutually satisfying. And guess what...that is what is expected of us from a Universal standpoint.

You may not believe it, but forgiveness is the best thing you can do for yourself, and if you want retribution, it may be the only way it can come without ricocheting harm back to you in the future. By that I mean, if you retaliate in any way other than forgiveness, you are just generating more negative energy for yourself, not necessarily the other person. Forgiveness is the ultimate healer and if your motive is to teach the person a lesson, than it is the best teacher as well.

I am happy that I forgave the people in my life who have tried to cause me harm. I say try because in every instance, I learned valuable lessons that have helped me grow and learn. Every time I look back, I change the past. I never see what negative was done, only what positive came from it. If you don't believe we have the power to change the past, then think again. It is one of our most powerful assets as humans. Consider your past hurts and if you haven't already, forgive and don't look for all the good that can come out of it. D.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A little negativity goes a long way

Many years ago I wrote an article for a Long Island Magazine with this same title. The premise was that even a small amount of negativity can create a huge reaction. The truth is, negative energy has very little power. Unfortunately, there is so much of it that it "feels" strong. Positive thoughts, actions, words and feelings are far more powerful and yet, sometimes they seems so difficult to utilize.

This week, a very angry person came on the blog to express their dislike for me. He/she believes I am a phony and an angry person because of dealings he/she had with me many years ago. Their negative attitude was so appauling to some of my clients that it generated an outpour of retaliation and anger towards "Anonymous". Of course I was happy to see so many people not have the same opinion, but truthfully, the "anonymous" writer didn't make me angry. It was so obvious to me that he/she was in pain, it made me sad. All I wanted to do was help them heal.

I don't know what day one wakes up and decides to love unconditionally. I do know that when it happens, you never go back. You never again decide to hate or even use derogatory words. When you get rid of anger, and replace it with love, your body rises off the floor. Your skin radiates from the inner glow. Your eyes sparkle from knowingness and your mouth flourishes with beautiful words. It makes you think, "why would I ever want negativity to effect me again when I can be like this all the time?"

When I get hate mail, and thankfully that is very seldom, I think of Jesus. He had so many people who loved him and yet he was hung on a cross and left to die at the hands of people who hated him. If he could take being cruicifed in that way, than I can take a little spewing from someone who most probably needs my help more than anyone.

The lesson here is quite clear, we need to heal what is within ourselves, to look at what is not right or what could be hurtful to others and decide to correct it. No one can judge another. No one can decide who is bad or who is good. Look behind the words of Anonymous and decide that you want to help them rather than ridicule them and you will teach them an entirely different approach to negativity; An approach that is attached with humility, empathy, and the kind of love that transforms lives.

A final note to Anonymous: the past is not who we are, it only details what we have been through. Who we are is how we decide to be, now and every minute of every day forward. Every day is an opportunity to start a New Day. D.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can't Wait to do Yoga on the Beach!

This is definitely my time of year. I am sorry to say, I can't handle the lack of sun the Winter brings, but thanks to my sunsplash machine that delivers vitamin D through my skin, I made it through this tough winter without too much trouble.

Soon, the weather will be nice enough to walk the beach in the early morning. Then after that, the summer will roll in with more and more light to enjoy outdoor activity.

This year, I hope many people join me in sunrise yoga at Roosevelt Beach. There is nothing better than starting your day facing the morning sun with salt air kissing your face. Come to think of it, I don't think there is any form of exercise that can bring you closer to nature than yoga, but I am sooooo prejudiced! Please blog me your idea of the perfect workout. Everyone needs a head start in Spring to get going. We want all the ideas we can get! D.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Healing is a full time job

Today I received a blog message asking why I haven't put anything on my site recently. Truthfully, I am so "blogged" down with coaching and teaching that I have been neglecting my sites.

The good news is I am learning more and more every day and will be launching much new info in the near future. Families are healing, energy is shifting, bodies and lives are changing and I will be so happy when I have the time to report the details.

Please be patient with me. Many exciting things are happening and in the near future will be revealed. In the meantime, questions can be sent to me at or on the blog. I always respond no matter how early I have to get up. Be well and we'll talk soon! D.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

To Eat or Not to Eat, Should that be the Question?

As a wellness advocate I make it my business to read all the latest research regarding food and additives. It is a daunting task and requires much investigation and at the end of the day, I clutch at my heart knowing what we are doing to ourselves. Although much research still leaves us confused, there is one thing though that is always real; if your body can't handle something, it will tell you.

People always comment about eating in moderation. I have a saying, "The concept of wellness is an absolute. If something is bad for you, there should be no such thing as 'moderation'." Eating should be for living healthfully, not for entertainment purposes. Across the World, we are the unhealthiest nation, and I believe it is because of our attitude towards food and the concept of moderation.

Is it okay to have a cookie once in a while? Well let's look at that cookie really closely. Is it full of preservatives? Does it have ingredients that make your body have an autoimmune response? Does it change your mood because of the sugar? Does it make you crave even more? No matter how small a cookie is, it is basically a circle of chemicals. If it sabotages your body for even an hour, shouldn't that make you think twice about eating it? If eating is about fuel, why do we fuel ourselves with such junk and call it food?

My mother has three daughters, two of which have constant weight issues. All three of us have autoimmune disorders, learning disabilities, nutrient deficits, and stomach issues since birth. My father died of cancer, my step father has diabetes and high blood pressure, and my nana (my mother's mother) has heart disease. Still with all of these issues in the family, she insists on preparing huge meals with ingredients she knows are unhealthy. She relates her loving people with feeding them, but she doesn't realize that loving them is hurting their bodies. No matter what I say, it has no effect. She believes food is harmless.

Our entire nation has to change their atttitude about eating. We can't keep going with our heads stuck in the sand on the topic of food. We all have to take our bodies seriously, most especially because the government allows such junk to be put into them. When it comes to what we eat, it should be wholesome, it should come from the Earth, it should only enhance our body, mind, and soul, and it should make us happy because it is good for us. When we finally decide that being deprived of life is more important than being deprived of a cookie, we will thrive as individuals and then as a nation.

Some might question my right to scold America for their eating habits, but can I offer this explanation? I am the one that is called on almost every day to help a child with a mood disorder, or type two diabetes. I sit with young women while they have chemo injected into their veins. I am the one who drives people to get their six month CAT scan to see if their cancer is indeed in remission or if it has returned. I am the one who has written countless eulogies and poems for loved ones who have passed on.

To those of you who refuse to believe that food plays an intricate part in sickness and wellness: I can't fight with you, I can't plead with you, I can't reason with you right now, but one day you will be coming to me for advice after being diagnosed, and when you do, I will be there without judgment, holding your hand and helping you heal. And when you are ready, I will teach you to honor yourself and that incredible human body of yours, hopefully before it is too late. D.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year/New Attitude

The days are getting longer, the nights shorter. Something to look forward to this time of year. It is also the time of new hope and beginnings. Hopefully everyone has made resolutions, but is this the year you are going to keep them?

I usually keep my promises to myself, but I have to confess, I only make promises I know I can keep. Maybe that is the secret to self growth; know yourself and the way you operate. Don't try to change the core of who you are, but instead, work harder to change your old belief systems.

Promise to be open to change and you have already changed. Yes, it is that simple! Try new things, don't say no immediately to new challenges, instead think about reasons to say yes, and try to keep your body as nourished as possible. A clean body denotes a clear head.

One of my biggest lessons in life was in understanding that tomorrow is not always a good time to do things. Today is better because tomorrow you will have more excuses and besides, tomorrow becomes today eventually, so why not just do it already!

Good luck and let me know if you need my help. D.