Sunday, November 2, 2008


Only days left till the election and I am preparing for a “whatever” party, meaning; “whatever the outcome” celebration. This is the craziest election I have ever seen, full of energy and emotion. I am happy to see everyone rising to the occasion and become so into it, but I am hoping that when it is over, the patriotism and the willingness to be involved will continue.

I have written about it before and will try to dig up the articles to post, but my belief is that we should be called the “Un-United States” for our ability to dichotomize every issue right down to using our red and blue colors to delineate what side we are on. I am saddened at how we can’t agree on core issues and would love to be able to help our Country on a larger scale.

Im sure that my dyslexic mind precludes me from seeing the way others see. Most of the time, I struggle with learning and need to unravel things to understand them. In the long run, however, this has helped me to see what may not be there. For instance, I don’t see the healthcare crises as an issue. I see the condition of our bodies and our attitudes about health as the crises. Maybe my construction background has contributed to my views. After all, if I were to fix a ceiling that had water damage, I wouldn’t just spackle and paint without figuring out why it was damaged in the first place. The mentality that we are in a “healthcare crises” is crazy to me, considering the fact that we are one of the unhealthiest and obese nations in the World. It is no wonder why the healthcare system can’t handle it. But the question is, why aren’t we talking about creating more wellness instead of just reforming the way we pay for doctor and hospital visits?

So I am just a citizen and have no history or knowledge of government. I more or less understand the system, but still don’t know how to get anything done because of the political machine that is in place and the attitude that we should keep fighting instead of finding something to agree on. I am not complaining about it though. Instead, I chose to put my energy into educating you, the people of this great country in hopes that we can join forces against the real enemy; namely tolerance. As long as we tolerate what is happening to us, to our bodies, our surroundings, our money, our food, we will never create change.

What I really want is for everyone to get a little anxious, a little fearful, maybe even a little angry so we can all get up and do something about our situation. Instead of fighting about what side you are on, just do one thing, anything to change what you don’t like about your life. Believe you have the ability to create change and if you don’t know how, write me and I will help you find ways!

“Whatever” happens this election, we still have to do our part. We still have to stop fighting amongst ourselves, and we still need to bring wellness to our homes, neighborhoods, businesses, and schools. If each of us took responsibility for our own lives and that of our families, we wouldn’t be in crises, we would be in control. I hope this note doesn’t sound harsh, because there is no judgment. There is only passion and the need to rally for all of us and our kids. In the end, they will be made responsible for healing what we have been creating. Love to you and yours, D.