Thursday, March 4, 2010

Simple things we can do to stay healthy

This year has brought many stress factors to everyone. I don't have to recall them all right? Since times seem more difficult than ever, I want to offer some reminders of what we can do to help ourselves get through it with less stress on the body.

First, we are more prone right now to self medicate our moods with food, particularly simple carbs. This is the worse thing we can do to our bodies, but it is almost a given that we will crave sugar, pasta, bread, and other white stuff now. Instead of reaching for what will make you feel worse, here are a few things I reach for when the going gets tough: instead of a candy bar, try raw coconut and almonds. If you are not diabetic, you can toss in a few Giardelli 60% cocoa morsels. Believe it or not, it tastes like you are eating an Almond Joy! In place of the typical bread or bagel, try ezekiel english muffins (in the freezer section). They make it in cinnamon raisin. Use fresh peanut or almond butter and top it with apple butter (all at Whole Foods) and you will feel full for hours. When ice cream is calling your name, get out your blender and mix a fresh mango with some frozen mango; it makes instant sorbet and believe it or not, mango is incredible for you, has low calories, and no fat.

Need pasta? Try quinoa. It is a seed that mimics a grain but has almost the same amino acid structure as beef! You can make it into a casserole by adding Amy's organic soups (like lentil) or as a side dish with lots of veggies. Sometimes I put in raisins, almonds, sauteed onion and red peppers and it becomes a meal. p.s. Quinoa comes in pasta form as well, spaghetti, elbows, and ditilini.

In the winter, we don't get enough sun. Vitamin D is deficient in almost everyone so try to take it (D 3) and don't worry about overdosing. The recommended daily allowance is too low. Some doctors say to take 5,000 units or more. I have a sun machine in my house that I use all winter long. Expensive, but if you can afford it, it is worth every penny. Go to and check out their offerings. If not, try a full spectrum light bulb for about $14.00. It does help.

Since our internal clocks are off in the winter, you may be reaching for the coffee a bit too much. Try switching to green and herb tea. They are medicinal so read the labels and find ones that will cure your ailments. Many have stress relieving factors. In fact, I can't even drink chamomile tea on a date because I start to yawn and fall asleep at the dinner table! My favorite brand is Yogi, but just look for any organic brand you might find. They are all good.

Omega III. I know you've heard it before, but are you taking it? Fish oil offers the best, but you need a really good fish oil, not one you buy in Costco. It has to be made from fish that are monitored for mercury and also it needs to come from the right part of the fish. I use Market America brand. is my portal if you want to check it out. And finally, B vitamins for stress work really well. Either liquid or sublingual will get into te system more efficiently.

As far as exercise, anyone who knows me, knows I recommend yoga as the BEST form of stress relieving body work you can do. Walking and dancing are also great. By the way, the last two are free so no one has an excuse not to do it. Also, all of these help you to breathe (taking in more oxygen helps with stress and exercise enduces endorphins.) Lastly, drink plenty of purified water (with the minerals left in) and stay away from highly acidic foods, aspartame, and alcohol if you can. All of these throw off your bodies natural alkaline levels, screw with neural connections and hormones and make it harder to deal with stress factors.

Remember the Law of Attraction: What you think and feel is what you bring in so staying positive right now is key. We can't stay positive however if we are in a negative body! Do the little things and they all add up, I promise, and if you need any help, I am an email away! D.