Monday, December 29, 2008

Bringing in the New Year

Hello to Everyone! Hopefully today brings with it hope for the new year. Sadly, I have seen and heard many bizarre things in the last few months due to what is going on in the World. Many people are losing confidence in the Country and where it is heading.

I just want to remind everyone that the Country is not an entity, but instead, a place that we all reside. What I mean by that is WE make up the contents of our Country and we get to decide where it is going. Yes, I know we are not united on issues. In fact, I call us the "UNunited States", but we all do want the same thing; namely, love, peace, safety and happiness. The difference between us though is in how we go about getting love, peace, safety and happiness.

A long time ago, many Americans believed that happiness was having a wonderful home cooked meal with our family on the holidays. Now to some of us, it means getting a gucci bag or taking a trip to Aspen. This Country of ours is filled with so many people who strive for money to get the love, peace, safety and happiness. They can't seem to find it in the every day miracles. That has led us to greed, and I believe, the trouble that we are in today.

Americans seem to want more and more, and are not grateful for what they have. Most of us don't realize that gratitude is what brings in abundance, not greed. The more grateful you are for what you have, the more comes in to you. Also, the more grateful you are for what you have, the more you believe you have! That is the most profound aspect of loving your life as it is at this moment. You are always happy about your life when you take time to appreciate it.

My hope for the new year is that we all stop yearning for what we "think" will make us happy, and instead, find happiness with the lives we are now living. Even if you are terrified with what tomorrow may bring, decide that today you are grateful for something and believe that you have the power to bring in what you need every day. There are no quick fixes for the issues the World is facing, but if we all decide to change our attitudes about what we need and want, we can create a positive outcome. We can't wait for things to evolve on their own. We have to generate the change within our own lives first. After all, if we don't decide to help ourselves, who do we think will?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Is there a full moon or what?

Is it my imagination or is the energy a little crazy lately? I have heard so many stories of behavior from people that doesn't make any sense at all. Could it be that the economy and fear of our future is getting the best of us?

Just a reminder; no matter what is going on in the World, you still have control over how you feel about it. Now is not the time to panic! The more level headed we are, the clearer we will see solutions to immediate issues. Worrying about the future helps nothing. Instead, plan.

There is another issue that many of us are not aware of. When we have anxiety, fear, or anger that stems from issues that seem out of our control, we do many things to help compensate. One of them is to self medicate with food and drink. The more emotions we feel, the more we tend to reach for the carbs. The more carbs we eat, the more sluggish we become which makes us even more anxiety ridden and less likely to exercise or think straight.

If you want to save money and clear your head, now is the best time to stop behaviors that don't help you anyway. Habits like cigarettes, drinking, candy, junk food, soda, expensive coffees, etc. are great ways to save money, your body, and clear your head.

Moods are generated from many instigators, not necessarily real issues. Remember that when you are anxiety ridden, angry or fearful of where America is headed. If we all become pro-active in our destiny, we can create change. NOW WILL YOU FINALLY TRY YOGA?! There isn't a better stress buster and you don't have to spend money. Rent a DVD from your library to get started. Grab a neighbor, friend, or family member and just walk. While going through my divorce many years ago, I walked every single night with opera music playing in my headset. Not only did I get through that stressful time with grace, I had the best butt of my life!

Go back to basics. Find your spirituality again. Meditate and if you don't know how, learn. Stop buying expensive junk food and go out to dinner less. Clean out your closet and find all the clothes you can refurbish for yourself or donate them. Invite a friend in need over to dinner. If you really want to feel better about your life, donate some time at a nursing home. Be thankful and have gratitude that the World is changing. Yes, I said have gratitude. If we don't feel desperate, we won't create change. So much of what is going on is necessary or we would never have stopped our behavior.

I don't profess to have the answers to our World issues. But I do have hope and gratitude and love and that makes me happy to get up in the morning. Spread your goodness and watch it catch on. Have a happy holiday! Love to you and yours, D.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Only days left till the election and I am preparing for a “whatever” party, meaning; “whatever the outcome” celebration. This is the craziest election I have ever seen, full of energy and emotion. I am happy to see everyone rising to the occasion and become so into it, but I am hoping that when it is over, the patriotism and the willingness to be involved will continue.

I have written about it before and will try to dig up the articles to post, but my belief is that we should be called the “Un-United States” for our ability to dichotomize every issue right down to using our red and blue colors to delineate what side we are on. I am saddened at how we can’t agree on core issues and would love to be able to help our Country on a larger scale.

Im sure that my dyslexic mind precludes me from seeing the way others see. Most of the time, I struggle with learning and need to unravel things to understand them. In the long run, however, this has helped me to see what may not be there. For instance, I don’t see the healthcare crises as an issue. I see the condition of our bodies and our attitudes about health as the crises. Maybe my construction background has contributed to my views. After all, if I were to fix a ceiling that had water damage, I wouldn’t just spackle and paint without figuring out why it was damaged in the first place. The mentality that we are in a “healthcare crises” is crazy to me, considering the fact that we are one of the unhealthiest and obese nations in the World. It is no wonder why the healthcare system can’t handle it. But the question is, why aren’t we talking about creating more wellness instead of just reforming the way we pay for doctor and hospital visits?

So I am just a citizen and have no history or knowledge of government. I more or less understand the system, but still don’t know how to get anything done because of the political machine that is in place and the attitude that we should keep fighting instead of finding something to agree on. I am not complaining about it though. Instead, I chose to put my energy into educating you, the people of this great country in hopes that we can join forces against the real enemy; namely tolerance. As long as we tolerate what is happening to us, to our bodies, our surroundings, our money, our food, we will never create change.

What I really want is for everyone to get a little anxious, a little fearful, maybe even a little angry so we can all get up and do something about our situation. Instead of fighting about what side you are on, just do one thing, anything to change what you don’t like about your life. Believe you have the ability to create change and if you don’t know how, write me and I will help you find ways!

“Whatever” happens this election, we still have to do our part. We still have to stop fighting amongst ourselves, and we still need to bring wellness to our homes, neighborhoods, businesses, and schools. If each of us took responsibility for our own lives and that of our families, we wouldn’t be in crises, we would be in control. I hope this note doesn’t sound harsh, because there is no judgment. There is only passion and the need to rally for all of us and our kids. In the end, they will be made responsible for healing what we have been creating. Love to you and yours, D.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Election Frenzy

The Campaign is a Rollin! Just so everyone knows, I profess to be an independent, and my vote has gone both ways in the last decade. I believe in choosing the best candidate, not the best party. So last week I posted my opinion of who I would elect, and then this week, decided to remove it. When it comes right down to it, I am extremely passionate about who I want to see in the White House. Feeling politically inept to comment on some of what is going on, I stick to what I do know to be true (head) what I feel (heart) and what my instincts tell me (gut). When I put them all together, I come up with a candidate I feel will do the best for the Country, and also, the World.

Unfortunately, the passion I go forward with every day in regards to health and wellness seeps into other aspects of my life, creating an energy that can be perceived as negative if one doesn't agree with what I feel or think. I am at a quandary because I want to make certain we all make the right decision about who we elect to protect and guide us for the next four years, but at the same time, I don't want to alienate someone who I can help physically, emotionally or spiritually. After a long internal debate, I decided I would rather remain neutral and stick to what I do best, which is help people find their best self.

The issues that exist in the World today are scary. Are they scarier then years passed? I don't know. Awareness makes it seem a lot more intense. I can't remember an election being more "energetic" or heated, but maybe that is due to what is at stake (World peace, global warming, economy) and the barriers (first black president or first woman vice president) that we are now breaking through. Very exciting times and very nerve wracking as well.

As we approach the omnipotent date of November 4, let's remember that in the end, they are all just human beings we are voting for and therefore, very fallible. The real job of making our lives happy and healthy is ours, and should never be left to anyone else. Will the abortion issue ever be resolved? Will the economy every come around? Will the war ever end? Truth be told, no one person had control over any of it! We all play a part. We can all make a difference and we all should be doing something, anything, for the causes we believe in, irrespective of what a politician is saying or doing.

If you believe in prayer, then pray for the best candidate to be elected. If you believe in positive action, get your facts straight and debate your issues with others who want to hear it. If you need to remain neutral because of your job or other issues, then bring forth your ideas and comments in the most sincere way and anonymously send it in the a newspaper or blog. Make a difference and follow your head, your heart, your gut. Love our Country, no matter what mess it is in, because it is still one of the best places to be in the entire World. D.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall Changes

"I might as well enjoy the ride" said the parrot, as it was being dragged by the cat. This is a Russion proverb that I came across years ago and it made such an impression on me that I actually am writing an entire chapter on it for one of my books. It reminds me to look at everything that happens in my life as a pleasureable experience, no matter how difficult it may seem.

This past year, I have learned so much about myself and the Universe because I became more aware of daily occurrences that were teaching me lessons. I decided to have gratitude towards everything, no matter how hurtful or difficult life seemed to get. I learned about resistance and how we sometimes want to stay angry or hurt or sad. We stay where we are comfortable or what feels normal instead of actually changing our minds about circumstance. But the minute we decide to "enjoy the ride" we let go of struggle and at that very moment, the perceived unpleasantness ends.

Learning this process is easy. Implementing it, however, is the challenge. When we are stuck in our humanness, we can't see anything, but what is right in front of us, and our opinion of that is usually negative. Fortunately, our soul energy is only a decision away, meaning that as soon as we decide to feel good about a situation, it happens. "I don't want to feel this way" is a good place to start. You might not know where the cat is dragging you, but you have control over how you feel as you move along. Once you let go of indignity, or fear, or anger, you can make a plan on how to proceed. It is amazing how brilliant we can be when our mind is clear of negativity!

The fall is approaching and with it brings a crispness that can't be compared to any other season. It is the beginning of the end, so to speak. It is when the trees release their need to hold onto what is dying. It is when plants stop their struggle and just allow themselves to rest. It is when the animal kingdom prepares for hybernation. All of this hubbub is for a very special reason. Everything seems to stop, but in reality, laying dormant is really just another growth stage. Next year when the spring arrives, all that was at rest comes to life with even more strength and growth and beauty.

If we could be like the Earth and adjust to the changes around us instead of resisting, how strong can we become? This fall, instead of holding onto negativity, allow it to just drop off. Enjoy each experience of change no matter how scary it may seem. Look for the every day miracles and redirect your attitude and reaction towards what is happening around you. Be the parrot and instead of being dragged kicking and screaming through your life, stop resisting and take a look around at the view you are being granted. Who knows, maybe that cat is taking you to a place you could have never gotten to on your own.

No matter what, the season is going to change. Ask yourself, 'am I going to resist it or am I going change with it?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

HeartRocks: New Website for Kids with help for our Troops

Hello to Everyone,
Yesterday I launched a new website called . It is geared for children and teaches them that energy can be shared. The premise is about finding rocks in the shape of hearts and "gifting" to one another with positive energy and love attached. There is also poetry on the site and kids are encouraged to write their own, giving heartfelt sentiments with the HeartRock gift.

One of the reasons why I created this program was to promote the sharing of energy through gratitude, friendship, love and grace, giving kids an outlet for positive emotions to replace negative ones. When children understand that their energy can have an affect on others, they will be moe inclined to share the best of themselves rather than any negative they may be experiencing.

On the website, there is a "Rock Our Troops" program for schools that will initiate a nation-wide campaign to collect rocks for our soldiers over in the middle east. It is my hope that children will learn how valuable their energy is and how much it can help others in their time of need. The rocks will be attached to gratitude poems that the children will write themselves or download from the site.

Please visit and pass it on to young people you know interested in tapping into their "power and energy". In the meantime, this email came to me today and I would like to share it with all readers, friends, and family. Let me know what you think.

From Sandy Adams: If the Red shirt thing is new to you, read below...

Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together. After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who'd been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. 'No' he responded.' Heading out' I asked? 'No. I'm escorting a soldier home.''Going to pick him up?'' No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq , I'm taking him home to his family.'

The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn't know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier's family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days. I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, 'Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do.'

Upon landing in Chicago the pilot stopped short of the gate and made the following announcement over the intercom:' Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to note that we have had the honor of having Sergeant Steeley of the United States Marine Corps join us on this flight. He is escorting a fallen comrade back home to his family. I ask that you please remain in your seats when we open the forward door to allow Sergeant Steeley to deplane and receive his fellow soldier. We will then turn off the seat belt sign.' Without a sound, all went as requested. I noticed the sergeant saluting the casket as it was brought off the plane, and his action made me realize that I am proud to be an American.

So here's a public Thank You to our military Men and Women for what you do so we can live the way we do: Red Fridays. Very soon, you will see a great many people wearing Red every Friday. The reason? Americans who support our troops used to be called the 'silent majority.' We are no longer silent, and are voicing our love for God, Country and Home in record breaking numbers. We are not organized, boisterous or overbearing. Many Americans, like you, me and all our friends, simply want to recognize that the vast majority of America supports our troops.

Our idea of showing solidarity and support for our troops with dignity and respect starts this Friday -- and continues each and every Friday until the troops all come home, sending a deafening message that every red-blooded American who supports our men and women afar, will wear something red. By word of mouth, press, TV -- let's make the United States on every Friday a sea of red much like a home coming football game in the bleachers. If every one of us who loves this country will share this with acquaintances, coworkers, friends, and family, it will not be long before the USA is covered in RED and it will let our troops know the once 'silent' majority is on their side more than ever, certainly more than the media lets on.

The first thing a soldier says when asked 'What can we do to make things better for you?' is 'We need your support and your prayers.' Let's get the word out and lead with class and dignity, by example, and wear something red every Friday.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thought for the Month

While looking through some miscellaneous writings, I came across this excerpt from a chapter I am writing. It sounds like a brain twister, but I thought I would put it out there for anyone daring enough to decipher. See if you can figure out what I am trying to say. I would love some feedback.

"When you embark on your journey to wellness, you begin to eat what you need and not what you want. Then one day you notice that your body starts to change your mind and you suddenly want to eat what you need. At this point, you may believe you have evolved. Instead, it is more probable that you have just revolved back to where you originally started from, but this time, with a healthier menu. " D.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Up to Us to Create Change

Recently I was invited to become part of a business group on Long Island that had created a committee dedicated to wellness issues in schools and businesses. Sounded like a great fit so I volunteered to become part of the discussions. In a short time I received an email telling of the next meeting and the topics that would be discussed, namely, developing wellness programs in schools, educating business owners about employee health issues, speaking with hospitals and doctors about how we can cut insurance costs. The email ended with a last note: “bagels will be served.”

If it were any kind of traditional business function, the idea of serving bagels would cause a slight reaction in me, but this was a meeting about wellness. As far as I was concerned, serving bagels at a wellness breakfast was no different than serving beer at an AA meeting. After all, if we are going to educate people, especially children, shouldn’t we be practicing what we preach?

I quickly sent back an rsvp that I would attend, but politely suggested that we might consider serving fruit instead of bagels since it is a discussion about health. The director, a young woman in her twenties, responded with, “Donna, Everything in moderation!” I think it was the smiley face she stuck on the end of the sentence that did it for me. I wrote back a bunch of reasons why the words bagel and moderation would never fit in the same sentence for most people, including those with gluten intolerance, diabetes and stomach issues like IBS, Chron’s and Ulcerative Colitis. I then added, “If this group really believes in creating change, shouldn’t we start with the very meetings that we are using to create that change?”

After a couple more paragraphs I concluded with, “We have to walk, talk and act as if we are the very people we are trying to help and empower. I’m sorry, but if we are in crisis, moderation just won’t cut it. Please email if you would like some healthy options. I am anxious to help the cause.” Sorry to say, I never got a response from her or anyone else from the organization. When I arrived at the meeting, not only were bagels present, there were also pastries and muffins.

Initially my response to complacency about the state our Country’s health crisis is shock. I can’t say anger or judgment because I understand that most people just don’t know enough about the human body to make the right choices for themselves. However, when given an “expert” opinion and information gained from years of research, how do you ignore it? Obviously, I didn’t join the group, but it wasn’t because they ignored my email. It was because they are not motivated to lead by example and I believe that is the only way we are ever going to create real change amongst ourselves and our children.

Am I acting like some Don Quixote, fighting issues that don’t exist? Fifteen years ago, people told me I was crazy fighting for clean air and a reprieve from second-hand smoke. They don’t think I am so crazy now. The food issues in this Country are real and we, the people that make up the population, are the only answer to the problem. Unless we stop eating and serving the junk, the food companies will continue to make it and never come up with better choices for us and our kids. It is up to us. It always has been.

Simple solution for us all to follow: ALWAYS serve wholesome foods at every school and business function. It’s easy! There are many caterers that will be happy to offer healthy choices and if your source doesn’t, ask them to change or you will change and use someone else. Unless we stop eating what we know is not good for us, we will never be able to change the unhealthy course our kids are on, and that is no windmill I am fighting. That is fact. D.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Spring is in full swing, and as the flowers start to blossom, I am reminded at how we can be inspired by each season in both negative and positive ways. While taking a shower this morning, I "heard" a message: "You are a judge of what has happened to you in the past. You are an expert at what is happening to you in the present. You are a novice at what is going to happen to you in the future and you are a student in knowing what your potential really is. Never confuse your roles."

This concept made me think, does a flower "know" what it is going to become as it lays dormant all winter? Does it start out in the ground saying, "I'm going to be huge and full of brilliant color this year!" or does it say, "I wonder if I will get enough water and sun to even break the soil today?" Just like the flower, we are somewhat dependent on the energy going on around us to propel forward, but if we wait around to see if the sun is going to come out, we will never get as far as if we learn to move forward despite what is or is not happening around us.

This concept is difficult to understand since most of us believe we don't have the power to change our circumstances or to produce the energy we need to change our lives. Instead we wait to see where the World takes us. While showering this morning though, I was reminded that we don't possibly have enough knowledge to know what greatness the future holds, we are perpetually learning, and more so, we are usually the worst person to ask in reference to our potential. One thing is for certain though; we will never know what we are capable of if we determine right off the bat that we don't have any power at all.

Have you ever really looked at a dandelion? Some think it is a weed, but isn't it really a very hardy flower? I think we should think like a dandelion and just come up despite whatever is going on around us. In the total darkness of shade, through concrete sidewalks, in arid temperatures and with no water, we should just be whatever it is we are led to be and not worry about what that looks like to others. To some a weed is something that is not wanted, but to the plant world, a weed is the strongest of plants, a perennial that can thrive anyway under any conditions.

As you watch your garden grow, pay attention to the hardy "weeds" and how they act, then think of yourself as someone with a direction that won't stop at anything until it is full grown and has explored every aspect this World has to offer. Use the spring as your springboard to wellness and newness and power. Then write to me and tell me how you did it so we can share it with everyone. Until the next inspiration....D.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thank You Spring!

This season is so overdue as far as I am concerned! From the equinox in the fall all the way through to the time change in Spring, I am craving and starving for the sun. Make sure you read the article from Dr. Mercola's site on the sun's beneftis and also the information about Vitamin D under "Physically Speaking". It may answer some of your questions about how to handle sun exposure this summer.

Just wanted to say that I am very happy about how many hits my site receives, but am unhappy to see how many of those people don't leave a blog post. Please remember, if the blog intimidates you, then email me at I will be happy to put the post on for you. Also, if you are worried about remaining annonymous, the blog has an annonymous button and no one, even myself, will know who you are.

There are many new articles posted on both and this site. Many more are on the way. I am writing as fast as possible. If you have any subjects you need to hear about, please let me know. In the meantime, have a great holiday and enjoy this remarkable season of new beginnings. I know I will! D.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

To Err is Human......and Necessary

Hello to Everyone! This morning I was looking for a particular writing of mine to give to a client and I found this excerpt. I want to share it because it describes the reason why it is okay to act "human". If we decide that our mistakes are lessons, we completely change the course of our life. I will describe more in future writings on, but for now, here is the excerpted chapters. Please comment or question if you need more understanding.

When venturing out to become your best self, expect your journey to change what is not so beautiful about yourself and trust that the “Universe” will compensate for any stumbling or occasional lack of direction. As a human with frailties, fears and doubts, you can’t possibly know the correct move to make at every juncture. You should be exulted to know, however, that despite your humanness, there is a stronger, purer power guiding the direction you are taking.

The reason for creating your goal is to set in motion, the energy you need to accomplish what you want. The motive attached is to enhance the goal and give an altruistic reason for acommplishing this. If you just had a goal without a motive, it wouldn't be as powerful. For instance, I set out to be the best person I could become. That's great, but when I added the motive; "so I could be a better parent for my children", it set in motion an entirely different form of Universal energy that would now help me to help others.

To further emphasize the need for a positive motive, understand that the goal you originally created can become omnipotent with the right motive and will protect you from yourself. It is as if it helps you get out of your own way, or should I say helps your soul energy take the lead over your human self. Once you have conveyed your goal and put with it a powerful motive, you only need to recount that goal/mantra (i.e., ‘to be the most beautiful person I can become for my family’) every time you encounter any trouble in order to stay on track.

The Positive Manipulation process comes in when you decide to make every juncture into a challenge and every “mistake” into a lesson. It is how you perceive the trials and tribulations of life that help or hinder your growth. The goal and motive keep you moving forward and no matter how far you stray, the Universe will put you back on track. But your decision to accept those trials as lessons will keep you from needing to learn them over and over, not to mention make you happier about your circumstances. With this attitude, no matter how much you err, it will only prove to teach you more and propel you further. So it is the powerful goal, the altruistic motive and the positive manipulation process that will take you exactly where you need to go in the quickest time with the most positive attitude all along the way.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Excerpt from Positive Manipulation on Losing Love

On the topic of the ending of relationships (under the Talk to Me blog), here is an excerpt from one of the Positive Manipulation books that I wanted to share with everyone. It explains one reason why we attract people into our lives. Please don't take it as glib because it does not express the deep longing that comes with love, (remember it is taken out of context) but it does briefly explain why we sometimes only share a short time with a love interest.

Excerpt from Positive Manipulation: In reference to the Law of Attraction
Negative incidents definitely allow for growth, but be aware of people that seem to come in and out of your life. They do so in my case with great frequency. My theory is that since energy attracts like energy, it may be as if others sense my constant state of evolution and when they have the desire to create change in their lives they are drawn to the energy I exude, and vice versa. As fast as they come in, however, they seem to leave, perhaps for a breather, or maybe because we used each other’s energy to move beyond our current limitations to find our own way.

In the past, I considered losing this exchange of "love" energy as a cause of great sorrow, but I have come to accept this as normal human behavior and now welcome the growth that comes from it. I can acknowledge that we were placed on the same path because we had the same lessons to learn or the right energy to help each other on our journeys. I also acknowledge that it may only be for a short leg of the journey, and not the duration.

It is not easy to welcome losses, so instead, we need to change our minds about how we look upon losing love and accept a break up because it was more likely a lesson and not a permanent love placed in our lives. That can make it easier to let go of the pain associated with heart break, whether it was a friendship or lover. The best saying I can offer is what was told to me time and again; "Don't look at it (break up) as rejection. It could be protection!" As long as you hold onto that thought moving forward, you keep your positive energy flowing and that will attract more love and friendship aimed toward your highest good.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is it Okay to Ask for Help? I'm Counting on it!

What came first the chicken or the egg? I can’t decide whether it is an egg surrounded by a chicken or a chicken inside of an egg. By this I mean, there are the wellness issues and there are the people with the wellness issues. Which do I take care of first? Instead of trying to figure it out, I am just moving with the current and allowing the need of the moment to dictate where my energy is going to go.

So with the onset of the new business, all of the coaching, and the writing and editing for the book series, I am having quite a difficult time keeping up with the website updates. My hope is that everyone will be patient with me as I load the sites (there are four now and a fifth is on the drawing board) with articles and info. Here is a reminder that I am typing away every day to complete my mission and bring you more of what you want to hear.

If you have any burning issues that need addressing, please blog or email me. I'm right here! Our priority is to get as many adults and kids as we can on the road to wellness. But I could use your help in the form of patience and encouragement. I also need your input! Any articles or info you find that may be helpful, send them over. Also, if you have any testimonials on how Positive Manipulation, yoga, nutrition, diet, exercise or whatever, has changed your life, then don’t hold back! We need to hear it. Thanks and have a great new day! D.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Talk to Me....

It's a cold sunny day in January as I sit in front of my computer and figure out a way to communicate with my target audience. Perhaps the easiest way is to just invite you to come and share with me and other readers your wellness issues and questions. Many of us are new to the blog venue, so we are all a little sketchy about how to go about initiating a conversation.

To put you at ease, all blog messages are filtered through my email and will be posted when appropriate, so your question or comment will not automatically appear unless it is viewed by me first. Hopefully that will make a first timer feel more comfortable. In any case, you can always email me at and include your permission to post the comment if you so desire.

When wishing to converse, just click on "comments" and follow the directions. Thanks for visiting and have a great New Day! D.