Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Identity Tip for Facebook

Call me paranoid, but I just want to put out a quick message to Facebook users and their children about putting birthdates on profiles. If you think about it, there is entirely too much info on there and can easily be retrieved by "friends" of friends and sometimes the general public. I know I'm a kill joy, but identity theft is serious, it's on the rise, and it is almost unavoidable in this tech world we live in. Just trying to keep everyone safe! D.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Every Day is the First Day

We all know the quip, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life", but how many of us remember to use it when we need to? Today I beared the cold to start a new routine of walking with my neighbor. Truthfully, it took my commitment to help her get ready (in shape) for her daughter's wedding in Oct. After all, it's cold outside! I can go downstairs to my warm studio anytime I want and dance, do yoga, or bang on my drums for exercise. But I realized that wasn't enough.

Walking was one of the most satisfying forms of exercise for me most of my adult life. I stopped because of my illness last year and have felt the difference in my body and mental state. Although I continue to do other work outs, I was somehow avoiding walking, wanting (mostly needing) to stay close to home. The realization hit me that I may have actually been afraid to leave the house.

I challenge everyone to go past your level of discomfort to do something you may want to start but are afraid of or too busy to do. If wellness is what you want to bring into your daily routine, then walking is a great way to begin your "new life". It brings you out in the World and challenges your body (lungs, heart, breath) and promotes endurance. And it is easy! Anyone can do it in any shape. It is free. You can start at any time (like right now!) and you don't need any special equipment except a decent pair of sneakers.

When I encourage clients to start walking, I tell them to "just tell yourself you are only going to the end of the block and back. If you have to, walk to the mailbox and turn around, just do something to get yourself started." Invariably, we walk to the mailbox and say, "well I am already out here, I might as well go a little further." Then we go to the end of the street, and we say, "Okay, I feel good, let me do a little more." By "tricking" ourselves into thinking we don't have to go too far, we at least start the process. If we begin by saying, "I am going to start walking two miles a day, three times a week" we may put it off till we believe we will have more time. And guess what? We never start!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. In fact this minute can start a new day. You don't have to wait till next week when your taxes are done, next month after you lose a few pounds, or get through a house project, or whatever reason you can come up with. TODAY, NOW is the best time to start. If you want even more incentive, buy a pedometer (today!) and have a contest with yourself (or a friend or co-worker) and see how many steps/miles you can build up to. It is worth the effort and will lead to more and more energy you can use for all activities. Good luck and let me know how you make out! D.