Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Every Woman Matters

Just a quick note to invite everyone to walk with me on May 16th at Jones Beach for the "Every Woman Matters Event" to earn money for the Katz Women's Center being built on the campus of LIJ/Northshore. As a member and volunteer for the CIC (Commerce in Industry Council) that is raising the additional monies (there was already a substantial gift given by the Katz family) needed to erect this incredible Center, I want to ensure you that your support will be helping more than just the hospital network. There isn't any person I can think of that hasn't been effected by an illness or injury, and when we are in crisis, there is most probably a local NorthShore affiliate that we are going to for treatment and care for ourselves or our family members.

Because I am a wellness advocate and believe wholeheartedly in prevention, I am on a mission to ensure that every person or group I work with is given an opportunity to learn what we all can do to maintain good health in all aspects; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. But since going through my recent illness, I am more determined than ever to help make this Center a reality. The powers that be at LIJ/Northshore promise it will be a unique and inspiring place where women and their families can learn about and take advantage of all the aspects of healing. Where yoga, guided meditation, acupuncture, herbs, massage, and many forms of complimentary medicine will be conjoined with traditional medicine as methods of treatment.

Never before on LI have we seen a network as large as this take such a complete, body, mind, soul approach to illness. Just imagine being able to opt for acupuncture and aroma therapy instead of a painkiller and having it work just as well! I was told that my healing has been remarkable and my surgeon attributed the quick recovery to a lifestyle filled with yoga, pilates, healthy eating habits, and a positive attitude. (Of course, the great staff at the hospital helped enormously! I was never afraid and was handled with gentle hands every step of the way.) I want to see every patient go through an injury or illness with the same advantages as I had recuperating through mine.

Please join me and all the other supporters, along with KJOY on our first annual walk so we can enlighten, educate, and begin to change the way we view healthcare and the many aspects of self healing. It is time we decided to honor the beautiful bodies we were given. It is time to start a NEW DAY for wellness! D.