Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is it Okay to Ask for Help? I'm Counting on it!

What came first the chicken or the egg? I can’t decide whether it is an egg surrounded by a chicken or a chicken inside of an egg. By this I mean, there are the wellness issues and there are the people with the wellness issues. Which do I take care of first? Instead of trying to figure it out, I am just moving with the current and allowing the need of the moment to dictate where my energy is going to go.

So with the onset of the new business, all of the coaching, and the writing and editing for the book series, I am having quite a difficult time keeping up with the website updates. My hope is that everyone will be patient with me as I load the sites (there are four now and a fifth is on the drawing board) with articles and info. Here is a reminder that I am typing away every day to complete my mission and bring you more of what you want to hear.

If you have any burning issues that need addressing, please blog or email me. I'm right here! Our priority is to get as many adults and kids as we can on the road to wellness. But I could use your help in the form of patience and encouragement. I also need your input! Any articles or info you find that may be helpful, send them over. Also, if you have any testimonials on how Positive Manipulation, yoga, nutrition, diet, exercise or whatever, has changed your life, then don’t hold back! We need to hear it. Thanks and have a great new day! D.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Talk to Me....

It's a cold sunny day in January as I sit in front of my computer and figure out a way to communicate with my target audience. Perhaps the easiest way is to just invite you to come and share with me and other readers your wellness issues and questions. Many of us are new to the blog venue, so we are all a little sketchy about how to go about initiating a conversation.

To put you at ease, all blog messages are filtered through my email and will be posted when appropriate, so your question or comment will not automatically appear unless it is viewed by me first. Hopefully that will make a first timer feel more comfortable. In any case, you can always email me at and include your permission to post the comment if you so desire.

When wishing to converse, just click on "comments" and follow the directions. Thanks for visiting and have a great New Day! D.