Sunday, April 27, 2008


Spring is in full swing, and as the flowers start to blossom, I am reminded at how we can be inspired by each season in both negative and positive ways. While taking a shower this morning, I "heard" a message: "You are a judge of what has happened to you in the past. You are an expert at what is happening to you in the present. You are a novice at what is going to happen to you in the future and you are a student in knowing what your potential really is. Never confuse your roles."

This concept made me think, does a flower "know" what it is going to become as it lays dormant all winter? Does it start out in the ground saying, "I'm going to be huge and full of brilliant color this year!" or does it say, "I wonder if I will get enough water and sun to even break the soil today?" Just like the flower, we are somewhat dependent on the energy going on around us to propel forward, but if we wait around to see if the sun is going to come out, we will never get as far as if we learn to move forward despite what is or is not happening around us.

This concept is difficult to understand since most of us believe we don't have the power to change our circumstances or to produce the energy we need to change our lives. Instead we wait to see where the World takes us. While showering this morning though, I was reminded that we don't possibly have enough knowledge to know what greatness the future holds, we are perpetually learning, and more so, we are usually the worst person to ask in reference to our potential. One thing is for certain though; we will never know what we are capable of if we determine right off the bat that we don't have any power at all.

Have you ever really looked at a dandelion? Some think it is a weed, but isn't it really a very hardy flower? I think we should think like a dandelion and just come up despite whatever is going on around us. In the total darkness of shade, through concrete sidewalks, in arid temperatures and with no water, we should just be whatever it is we are led to be and not worry about what that looks like to others. To some a weed is something that is not wanted, but to the plant world, a weed is the strongest of plants, a perennial that can thrive anyway under any conditions.

As you watch your garden grow, pay attention to the hardy "weeds" and how they act, then think of yourself as someone with a direction that won't stop at anything until it is full grown and has explored every aspect this World has to offer. Use the spring as your springboard to wellness and newness and power. Then write to me and tell me how you did it so we can share it with everyone. Until the next inspiration....D.