Monday, August 10, 2009

A book that can create a life change

Here is a really good read for anyone who has been on a healing journey. It is by Dee Wallace (the woman who played the mom on E.T.) and is called “Conscious Creation”. It is a little over a hundred pages and is a quick but thorough intro into manifesting what you want in your life.

Even though we were born to instinctively know and understand the rules of the Universe, we seldom learn how to take full advantage of it. Sometimes we are so stuck in our human-ness we forget just how powerful our spiritual energy is. Through my recent illness, I have been up and down trying to hold onto that power. Being physically repressed (anemic, vitamin and mineral deficient) I found it so difficult and sometimes even impossible to hold onto a positive thought process. No matter how grateful I am for everything I have, my body keeps pulling me “down” and repressing the spiritual aspect, instigating the ultimate test of my faith in my ability to heal myself.

My manipulation process was really tested these last few months and I am grateful for it, because it is humbling me and hopefully making me a better teacher of the process. Having to constantly take myself out of fear or anxiety has made me more determined than ever to keep my goals and intentions in clear view. When we are healthy, we take a lot for granted. When we need to deal with heavy issues, it can break us or it can make us stronger. It is our choice how we handle it and our perception of what good it is bringing into us. No matter what our bodies encounter though, our spirit is always stronger, and that is what we need to hold onto.

If you have the time, please try and read Dee’s book. I especially liked her stories about the “100 monkeys” and how we can affect change through our energy. I always knew this and even wrote about it, but she has listed scientific evidence on the subject and explains it beautifully. Right now with everything that is happening in the World, we need to be educated and reminded about how we can create change within ourselves and the issues surrounding us. We (and our positive energy) can all make a difference…every one of us.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We can create change. So why aren't we?

This morning on Fox Cable News I saw the head of Safeway Stores talk about how they implemented programs throughout their stores a few years back that have saved them over 40% on healthcare costs. I was excited to see this segment and at the same time, I was disheartened.

Many years ago I brought this concept to businesses throughout NY and NJ and got the brush off. Other people I have met over the years have been trying as well. It is like pulling teeth to get people to see just how easy it is to change the course of our Country’s journey to sickness. Unfortunately, no one wanted to listen.

With all forms of illness on the rise, most especially those related to obesity and smoking, why can’t we see just how much we need to take control before the government does? Maybe you don’t want to see your money wasted frivolously, but what about wasting your own resources? Yes, I mean your body! It is your only real asset and the only one you will be taking to the grave, because guaranteed, your family won’t be burying you with your money or your stuff. Instead, I want America to consider their one true positive feature, which is the body they have been wrapped in. How are you treating it and what are you doing to help it through the next 20, 30, 50 years?

So now things have gotten so bad that we need the government to step in and take over. This is something that rips me apart. I have been trying to get the government to create strict smoking laws for the last 17 years, and we all know how that has turned out. There are still States that allow smoking in public. Yet this same government is trying to get healthcare reform passed in 6 months. How can they do one without the other? Where is the sense in all of this?

What I know about politics I can fit in a thimble. What I know about wellness and our ability to take control of our bodies is limitless and I make it my job to discover new ways every day. So why aren’t the incredibly intelligent people in our government doing more to take away what is hurting us? Why isn’t there more money for the schools to change their food offerings? Why don’t we have no-smoking laws everywhere? Why can’t the government control more of the food industry and their corrupt practices of advertising and manipulating? Why wouldn’t they start there instead of trying to control paying for the sick? Why don’t we stop making people (most especially kids) sick in the first place?

I will never stop talking about this subject, and I hope the rhetoric does not alienate anyone. Instead, I hope it instigates change and allows people to take responsibility for their actions and their bodies. When we take responsibility, we can then take control. Safeway took control and changed their bottom line and the health of their employees. We can all do this, and it will effect major change forever. We have the power to do it, and we have the right motive (saving our resources). Now we just need to create the right goal; a healthy America. It is not about a Bandaid, people! It is about never getting a cut in the first place. D.