Saturday, February 23, 2008

To Err is Human......and Necessary

Hello to Everyone! This morning I was looking for a particular writing of mine to give to a client and I found this excerpt. I want to share it because it describes the reason why it is okay to act "human". If we decide that our mistakes are lessons, we completely change the course of our life. I will describe more in future writings on, but for now, here is the excerpted chapters. Please comment or question if you need more understanding.

When venturing out to become your best self, expect your journey to change what is not so beautiful about yourself and trust that the “Universe” will compensate for any stumbling or occasional lack of direction. As a human with frailties, fears and doubts, you can’t possibly know the correct move to make at every juncture. You should be exulted to know, however, that despite your humanness, there is a stronger, purer power guiding the direction you are taking.

The reason for creating your goal is to set in motion, the energy you need to accomplish what you want. The motive attached is to enhance the goal and give an altruistic reason for acommplishing this. If you just had a goal without a motive, it wouldn't be as powerful. For instance, I set out to be the best person I could become. That's great, but when I added the motive; "so I could be a better parent for my children", it set in motion an entirely different form of Universal energy that would now help me to help others.

To further emphasize the need for a positive motive, understand that the goal you originally created can become omnipotent with the right motive and will protect you from yourself. It is as if it helps you get out of your own way, or should I say helps your soul energy take the lead over your human self. Once you have conveyed your goal and put with it a powerful motive, you only need to recount that goal/mantra (i.e., ‘to be the most beautiful person I can become for my family’) every time you encounter any trouble in order to stay on track.

The Positive Manipulation process comes in when you decide to make every juncture into a challenge and every “mistake” into a lesson. It is how you perceive the trials and tribulations of life that help or hinder your growth. The goal and motive keep you moving forward and no matter how far you stray, the Universe will put you back on track. But your decision to accept those trials as lessons will keep you from needing to learn them over and over, not to mention make you happier about your circumstances. With this attitude, no matter how much you err, it will only prove to teach you more and propel you further. So it is the powerful goal, the altruistic motive and the positive manipulation process that will take you exactly where you need to go in the quickest time with the most positive attitude all along the way.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Excerpt from Positive Manipulation on Losing Love

On the topic of the ending of relationships (under the Talk to Me blog), here is an excerpt from one of the Positive Manipulation books that I wanted to share with everyone. It explains one reason why we attract people into our lives. Please don't take it as glib because it does not express the deep longing that comes with love, (remember it is taken out of context) but it does briefly explain why we sometimes only share a short time with a love interest.

Excerpt from Positive Manipulation: In reference to the Law of Attraction
Negative incidents definitely allow for growth, but be aware of people that seem to come in and out of your life. They do so in my case with great frequency. My theory is that since energy attracts like energy, it may be as if others sense my constant state of evolution and when they have the desire to create change in their lives they are drawn to the energy I exude, and vice versa. As fast as they come in, however, they seem to leave, perhaps for a breather, or maybe because we used each other’s energy to move beyond our current limitations to find our own way.

In the past, I considered losing this exchange of "love" energy as a cause of great sorrow, but I have come to accept this as normal human behavior and now welcome the growth that comes from it. I can acknowledge that we were placed on the same path because we had the same lessons to learn or the right energy to help each other on our journeys. I also acknowledge that it may only be for a short leg of the journey, and not the duration.

It is not easy to welcome losses, so instead, we need to change our minds about how we look upon losing love and accept a break up because it was more likely a lesson and not a permanent love placed in our lives. That can make it easier to let go of the pain associated with heart break, whether it was a friendship or lover. The best saying I can offer is what was told to me time and again; "Don't look at it (break up) as rejection. It could be protection!" As long as you hold onto that thought moving forward, you keep your positive energy flowing and that will attract more love and friendship aimed toward your highest good.