Monday, December 29, 2008

Bringing in the New Year

Hello to Everyone! Hopefully today brings with it hope for the new year. Sadly, I have seen and heard many bizarre things in the last few months due to what is going on in the World. Many people are losing confidence in the Country and where it is heading.

I just want to remind everyone that the Country is not an entity, but instead, a place that we all reside. What I mean by that is WE make up the contents of our Country and we get to decide where it is going. Yes, I know we are not united on issues. In fact, I call us the "UNunited States", but we all do want the same thing; namely, love, peace, safety and happiness. The difference between us though is in how we go about getting love, peace, safety and happiness.

A long time ago, many Americans believed that happiness was having a wonderful home cooked meal with our family on the holidays. Now to some of us, it means getting a gucci bag or taking a trip to Aspen. This Country of ours is filled with so many people who strive for money to get the love, peace, safety and happiness. They can't seem to find it in the every day miracles. That has led us to greed, and I believe, the trouble that we are in today.

Americans seem to want more and more, and are not grateful for what they have. Most of us don't realize that gratitude is what brings in abundance, not greed. The more grateful you are for what you have, the more comes in to you. Also, the more grateful you are for what you have, the more you believe you have! That is the most profound aspect of loving your life as it is at this moment. You are always happy about your life when you take time to appreciate it.

My hope for the new year is that we all stop yearning for what we "think" will make us happy, and instead, find happiness with the lives we are now living. Even if you are terrified with what tomorrow may bring, decide that today you are grateful for something and believe that you have the power to bring in what you need every day. There are no quick fixes for the issues the World is facing, but if we all decide to change our attitudes about what we need and want, we can create a positive outcome. We can't wait for things to evolve on their own. We have to generate the change within our own lives first. After all, if we don't decide to help ourselves, who do we think will?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Is there a full moon or what?

Is it my imagination or is the energy a little crazy lately? I have heard so many stories of behavior from people that doesn't make any sense at all. Could it be that the economy and fear of our future is getting the best of us?

Just a reminder; no matter what is going on in the World, you still have control over how you feel about it. Now is not the time to panic! The more level headed we are, the clearer we will see solutions to immediate issues. Worrying about the future helps nothing. Instead, plan.

There is another issue that many of us are not aware of. When we have anxiety, fear, or anger that stems from issues that seem out of our control, we do many things to help compensate. One of them is to self medicate with food and drink. The more emotions we feel, the more we tend to reach for the carbs. The more carbs we eat, the more sluggish we become which makes us even more anxiety ridden and less likely to exercise or think straight.

If you want to save money and clear your head, now is the best time to stop behaviors that don't help you anyway. Habits like cigarettes, drinking, candy, junk food, soda, expensive coffees, etc. are great ways to save money, your body, and clear your head.

Moods are generated from many instigators, not necessarily real issues. Remember that when you are anxiety ridden, angry or fearful of where America is headed. If we all become pro-active in our destiny, we can create change. NOW WILL YOU FINALLY TRY YOGA?! There isn't a better stress buster and you don't have to spend money. Rent a DVD from your library to get started. Grab a neighbor, friend, or family member and just walk. While going through my divorce many years ago, I walked every single night with opera music playing in my headset. Not only did I get through that stressful time with grace, I had the best butt of my life!

Go back to basics. Find your spirituality again. Meditate and if you don't know how, learn. Stop buying expensive junk food and go out to dinner less. Clean out your closet and find all the clothes you can refurbish for yourself or donate them. Invite a friend in need over to dinner. If you really want to feel better about your life, donate some time at a nursing home. Be thankful and have gratitude that the World is changing. Yes, I said have gratitude. If we don't feel desperate, we won't create change. So much of what is going on is necessary or we would never have stopped our behavior.

I don't profess to have the answers to our World issues. But I do have hope and gratitude and love and that makes me happy to get up in the morning. Spread your goodness and watch it catch on. Have a happy holiday! Love to you and yours, D.