Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Prevention has always been the answer.

Trying to talk our way out of addiction is like pulling the shade down on a window and expecting the sun to go down with it! Mental and emotional therapy is not enough. We have to get physical and take care of the biochemical, hormonal, and trauma-induced imbalances that led up to the perfect storm that created the disease.

We know so much more about the human psyche and body than we did a hundred years ago, and we are changing the way we treat the disease, which is great news. The big question mark is why aren't we doing more to prevent it? From kindergarten on, we need to recognize the biggest stress factors in our children's lives and eliminate what we can, while at the same time, equip our kids with the skills they will need to deal with stressors we can't control. We have to keep their bodies clean and clear of sugar and other addictive substances and habits that can lead to more powerful dopamine needs. And most importantly, we have to let them know they are more than a body with a mixed up mind. They are powerful energetic beings with amazing spiritual gifts that quantum science has been discovering and uncovering for years.

The fact is, being politically correct has made up spiritually inept! We took God out, but we never put anything powerful back in. We can change that. We can talk about spirituality as energy--the energy of love and compassion, tolerance and forgiveness, gratitude and grace. Did you know that we can measure the molecular changes that each of those emotions produces in our own bodies and in others?

The truth is we don't need to teach religion in order to fill our schools with spirit! We only need to show our children the wondrous gifts they possess. They have the tools; they just have to learn how to use them.

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